www.tripmemo.com is the fastest-growing global online community of travellers and travel enablers with a breathing database of crowdsourced travel information offering insights and real-time information regarding destinations, their attractions, itineraries and so on. You can create your business listing on the platform for free and bring your brand before the eyes of several thousand travellers from around the globe. Activate your business listing on www.tripmemo.com to start using your licensed copy of the Grasshopper365 software for free.

G365 Snippets

Plant the cost-free Book Now/Get a Quote/Ask Me snippets from Grasshopper365 on your social media business pages, like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and your business website, and make the best use of them. These digital salesmen stationed at your pages take every click you receive to your mobile device instantly. Ding!

It is a unique B2B feature developed by Tripmemo. In this arrangement, you get to form profitable business associations with other non-competing business entities in the TripMemo ecosystem, by the name TripMemo Associates, and improve the scope of your business. This lets you share customer requirements and work together to make the right deals, itineraries, pricing, etc. Business associations in the ecosystem not only make your enterprise appear trustworthy but also enhance your search rankings on the platform.

It is the new normal, and it is good to be true. TripMemo eliminates the reign of misleading paid reviews from the travel industry that have been hoodwinking travellers across the globe by bringing into play, the most authentic customer feedback, namely, TruView. Here’s finally the unadulterated material for travellers ensuring safety and information authenticity.


Reach out to your customers and well-wishers and ask them to give your services a thumbs up. This will directly endorse your business, enhancing your trustability and visibility in the ecosystem. It's simple; give us their names, and we'll ask them to endorse you. The more the upped thumbs, the better your search rank and credibility. Go ask them to promote your business and win more leads on the go!

(API Integration)

With the help of Grasshopper365, you can integrate your business enterprise through API integration with Google Travel. Advertise your business with Google Ads for even better leads with a few easy clicks using G2 Connect.

*feature currently under development

TripMemo Forum

TripMemo develops an in-house forum for Grasshopper365-registered business owners to interact with each other and create a healthy arena to conduct and collaborate in business. The feature allows sharing of business referrals, thereby improving your conversion rates.

Customer Ownership

The last continual step of every successful conversion is customer-relationship management. Guarantee repeat orders, referrals and customer loyalty by making the best use of the software’s CRM module that helps you to painlessly build a decent and long-lasting rapport with your customers.