TripMemo OTE™ Channel Manager is a cloud-based inventory and channel management system for travel companies and professionals to promote commission-free bookings and power the functioning of the Grasshopper365 Software App. Upon uploading the details of your business (through business onboarding on TripMemo), the system accomplishes two things.

1. Automatically creates a microsite of your business (business listing) on

2. Creates a fully integrated database of your business in the secured cloud space and readies it to connect with your Grasshopper365 Software App.

The below illustration shows how the TripMemo OTE™ Channel Management System dovetails it all for you.

The TripMemo Channel Management system is a subscription-based service. Your channel manager will be functional for free for the first 45 days after your business onboarding. After the free trial, you will have to pay a subscription fee starting from USD 10 to keep the channel manager functional and continue enjoying the benefits of the Grasshopper365 Software App and a responsive TripMemo Business Listing.

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