OTAs, Booking Facilitators & Other Intermediaries:
The Parasitic Interference in the Traveller-Enabler Equation

Parameters of Advantage for Travel Enterprises OTAs/ Travel Aggregators Grasshopper365 & www.TripMemo.com
A product needs to be visible to reach its potential customers. Various strategies promote visibility, including advertisements, PR, etc. But the high costs they come with may not make it economical for small or medium-sized travel businesses. The visibility of the enterprises listed on OTA platforms is limited to select search engine sites. Even if that is resolved, the question of brand visibility remains. www.TripMemo.com owns a well-advanced, community-sourced Content Management System that is updated in real-time. When an enabler sets up the OTE Channel Manager, their business gets listed on www.tripmemo.com, displaying it to travellers from around 282 countries and territories. Travellers can initiate direct interactions with the Grasshopper365-empowered enabler.
Branding is essential for uniqueness and to lead the competition by imprinting unique attributes in the customer perspective. Branding maintains customer loyalty and prompts repeat orders from buyers. OTAs/ Travel Aggregators do not promote brands. Most try to sell off commodities offered by the businesses even without proper brand tags. Thus, customer loyalty or brand identity cannot be established. Grasshopper365 is keen on highlighting, promoting and nurturing brands that lead to building customer loyalty. It thus marks Customer Relationship Management as an essential module.
Having to pay commission charges is one of the biggest impediments when businesses improve their profit margins. Thus, ruling out the parasitic economics to prevent the seeping of profits is vital to the success of every business. OTAs/ Travel Aggregators consume 15-30% of booking amounts as commissions. At times, inventories are offered at cheap rates. This may induce more sales, driving more commission and market share for OTAs/ Travel Aggregators, but damages the brand value of the listed businesses. Grasshopper365 is the world’s first commission-free Online Travel Enabler (OTE) software that lets listing enterprises reclaim autonomy over their inventory and pricing. The app makes it easier for enablers to manage sales and cash flow depending on their priorities and needs.
The best way to improve profit margins is by direct selling, especially with low costs incurred on advertisements and promotions. OTAs/ Travel Aggregators do not allow direct sales by enterprises. Most demand travel companies to sign contracts that say NO to direct sales. Grasshopper365 offers cost-free booking snippets that could be placed on the company website and social media business pages of the enterprises and funnel down enquiries to their mobile device. This not only boosts the flow of enquiries but also promotes direct sales.
The success of a business largely depends on its operations. Technology makes it easier to carry out operations of a travel business, but spending large amounts on software or tools that integrate inventories and their bookings can be uneconomical. OTAs/ Travel Aggregators do not provide software solutions or apps that offer smooth working techniques for their listing enterprises. Grasshopper365 considers operations to be the backbone of success in any business. The free app has various high-end features that help carry out day-to-day business operations effectively, efficiently and effortlessly.
Healthy business collaborations catalyse the growth of a business entity. It augments the referrals gained and the resultant revenue of the enterprise. There is no platform currently available in the travel industry that facilitates such collaborations, which would improve the quality of the services provided by the enablers as well as the quality of the travel experience for the travellers. OTAs are neither concerned about such collaborations nor the quality of the travel experience or the specific needs of individual travellers. With Grasshopper365, all 5 pillars of travel business, viz. travellers, travel guides, accommodation services, taxi & transport services and Travel equipment rental services, are interconnected. Travel enablers can build business relations by the name of TripMemo Associates in the ecosystem and attend to every travel requirement of the travellers, even if they are beyond their serviceability, by seeking aid from their associate travel enablers.