New Market; New Hopes

Active Tourism The light at the end of the tunnel

These are hard times; there’s no denying. The global travel industry, gauging its survival chances, is struggling to see the trail forward. Researches and recent observations have predicted the tremendous scope of Active/Purposeful Tourism in the post-covid world. Combining adventure, culture, spirituality and ecotourism, and involving remote, uncrowded and unsung destinations, Active Travel is picking up a dramatic pace in the New Normal. Having fewer risks and inconveniences in comparison with long-distance and city-based travel options, it is expected to take over completely. Experts believe that this will open limitless opportunities within a formerly ignored facet of the domestic travel and tourism market.

We aim to empower you, the travel enablers involved in the active travel domain, to seize this huge opportunity and make the most out of it. With the parasitic role of the OTAs robbing you of your profits as commissions-cuts and hindering brand growth and customer ownership, this may not look very profitable. But we have developed the right solutions to equip you to stop relying on OTAs and finally bid them farewell. You can set up the TripMemo OTE Channel Manager for your business and create a cost-free, responsive business listing on, the fastest-growing online travel collective encompassing around 282 countries and territories. This gives you access to our free all-in-one software application of Grasshopper365 and lets you attend to all your business needs. The intelligent snippets from Grasshopper365 placed on all your marketing channels will connect your customers directly to you, saving up to 40% of your margin lost as commissions and favouring customer ownership through direct sales and interaction.

Wake up! It’s time to make use of your domain experience and kick out the parasites from the picture!

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