Grasshopper365 Software Application

Address Book: the chief tab of the CRM module in the software with the details of saved contacts of the businesses. The contacts could be of both customers and associates. An entry in the address book will have the contact’s name, address, activeness, travel themes interested in, booking history, etc. This helps businesses keep track of their customers and communicate with them, eventually helping them in customer ownership.

Agent-Booking: a feature enabled by Grasshopper365 for those businesses who have been employing third-party agent(s) to handle their bookings. It lets the businesses add agent(s)/outsourced services as an entity in the Staff Management module and make the real-time booking module of the software available on their mobile devices for carrying out their sales activity.

IOU: a simple digital notepad that keeps the details of all the day-to-day business-related expenses. The entries could be made by the entrepreneur(s) or the operating staff. This replaces the traditional practice of having to carry around numerous paper bits which are very likely to go missing. The corresponding expense bills may also be attached to each entry by the staff, thereby negating the possibility of discrepancies and missing receipts.

Grasshopper365: an all-in-one mobile software app for business entrepreneurs under the following categories:

Accommodation Service Providers
Tour Guides and Tour Operating Companies
Travel Equipment Rentals
Taxi & Transport Service Providers

Grasshopper365 works in both mobile and desktop environments. The software works with the TripMemo OTE Channel Manager to generate and handle customer inquiries from business listings on TripMemo, leading social media pages and third-party telemarketing companies. It also aids the travel businesses in managing and operating their day-to-day requirements, such as enquiry generation, quote management, bookings, inventory management, check-in and check-out, invoicing, payments, F&B and CRM, without requiring/depending on additional software tools. OTE is an alternative to generate bookings without paying any third-party commissions.

G365 Snippets: a collective term for the cost-free Book Now, Get Quote and Ask Me buttons that could be placed on the social media pages and business websites of the users to direct customer enquiries to the mobile device on which the Grasshopper365 Software App is installed and functional. The snippet buttons (a set of shortcodes) that become available when users upload their business details to the TripMemo OTE Channel Manager, will appear pre-embedded on all business listings on TripMemo.

In-Transit: the arrangement of keeping a service reserved/blocked for the particular dates until the booking is confirmed after the payment gets credited in the enabler’s bank. As an OTE service, Grasshopper365 aims to promote direct sales and help travel professionals and companies avoid paying middleman charges and commissions. Customer payments may sometimes take up to a few days to be reflected on the recipient account, especially in overseas transfers. In such cases, the supplier must be keeping the booking reserved for the customer by holding the inventory against the particular booking until the payment arrives.

Invoice: a generic term for all the tax invoices/bills generated using the e-invoicing (electronic invoicing) tool of Grasshopper365. Users can share the invoices with their customers electronically or by hand and keep a record of all their invoices in the app.

On-Hold: an arrangement facilitated in the OTE Channel Manager to withhold a service or a part of it from being available for business. This could be for any personal or managerial reasons, and the withheld services could be released after the purpose has been met. This option also allows users to reserve parts of their services for OTA-mediated bookings till they completely cease associating with commission agents, such as OTAs (also see Shared Booking).

Package Maker: the do-it-yourself (DIY) tool available in the software app for its users to make stunning, customised travel packages for their customers. They can share the created packages directly with their customers and also publish them on their TripMemo Business Listing to get instant leads.

Quotation: a provisional bill/quotation sent by the businesses to customers before delivering a service. Travel enablers can easily create and send quotes to their customers using the software application. They can revise the quotes any number of times as per the negotiations with their customers.

Shared Booking: a stop-gap arrangement in Grasshopper365 enabled for users with ongoing commitments with OTAs and other booking facilitators. Such users can manually manage those bookings and make necessary reservations/arrangements in their inventory using this module. This will prevent double bookings and eventually reduce their dependency on commission agents, such as OTAs.

TM Associates: a unique B2B feature where the enabler can collaborate with a user/business ally on the platform. It can be any business entity that uses the TripMemo OTE channel management tool and Grasshopper365 Software App. Any quality collaboration (association) between such businesses can be beneficial for both customers and suppliers. Companies/Travel professionals collaborating with other business entities for mutual benefits are called TM Associates.

Trade Enquiries: the quotes requested by a business from their associated enablers (see TM Associates) or other enablers in the community, on behalf of their customers, for any booking requirements beyond their serviceability. This may or may not involve commission charges between the parties involved.

TripMemo Travel Community

Itinerary Maker: a DIY (do-it-yourself) tool from TripMemo to help travellers create and share their concepts of tour itineraries. It lets them define the purpose and scope of their travels before fetching suppliers. In this way, TripMemo promotes expeditions rather than tourism.

Journal: a detailed record of travel stories created by the registered members of TripMemo to share on their dedicated timelines. Journaling allows the members to document their expeditions like a travelogue with the help of our in-built tools and add appropriate photos to it. Like on other social media sites, the publisher can also share it with their friends and tag other members in the post.

Travel Picture: another way of sharing travel stories in the community in addition to journaling. It is the simpler version of a journal and works similar to posting photos on other social media websites

Polo Points: the unique loyalty programme of TripMemo created to reward and encourage successfully participating members.

TripMemo: an online travel community created to help travellers from all across the world with all their travel needs. Travellers can visit and collect valuable information about 22 different travel themes matching thousands of destinations and book accommodations, tours, guides, travel equipment, taxies and other transport services and much more.

TripMemo Business Listing: a public page/microsite of a business on created by travel entrepreneurs who are registered community members on TripMemo to make it available for visitors to solicit business. For this, they must diligently upload their business details to the TripMemo OTE Channel Manager. Upon successful completion, a professional-grade microsite of their business will be created on TripMemo. The microsite hence created will have actionable buttons, such as Book Now, Get Quote and Ask Me , to facilitate visitor interaction with the corresponding business. This is a paid service. TripMemo OTE Channel Manager is mandatory for the Grasshopper365 Software App to function.

TripMemoGO Apps: a set of FREE mobile apps from TripMemo designed for active travellers to enable them to plan, book, store and share their expedition details forever, considering that TripMemo is primarily a community of purposeful travellers. For example, Wildlife Memo is a mobile app for wildlife enthusiasts, especially birdwatchers, and the app can record their bird sightings while in the field, which is the prime objective of such apps.

TripMemo OTE Channel Manager: a cloud-based inventory and channel management system for travel companies and professionals to promote commission-free bookings and power the functioning of the Grasshopper365 Software App. Upon uploading the details of a business (through business onboarding on TripMemo), the system accomplishes two things:

1. Automatically creates a microsite of the business on
2. Creates a fully integrated database of the business in the secured cloud space and readies it to connect with the Grasshopper365 Software App.

TripMemo Timeline: a dedicated public profile for every registered member (free-of-cost registration) to share their travel stories and interact with other community members. They can also avail of the various tools and services available on the website, such as itinerary maker, TripMemoGO apps and discussion forums, to organise and manage their different travel-related requirements.

TripMemo Travel Central: an individual registry for all members with the details of their activities and interactions with the TripMemo website and the TripMemo Apps.